„Oyster® TV“ – The new TV systems


State-of-the-art technology, brilliant picture quality and a smart design

The new „Oyster® TV“s are LED TVs that are available in the screen sizes 19,5“ (50 cm), 21,5“ (55 cm), 24“ (61 cm), 27“ (69 cm) and 32“ (81 cm). They are equipped with a standard VESA mounting bracket that makes them easy to install for any specialist workshop. The refined design of the LED TVs underlines the high quality standards of ten Haaft, and the high level of contrast ensures that customers can enjoy an unspoiled viewing experience even in the "brighter" environment of camper vans, trailers or mobile homes.

The integrated HD tuner offers signal processing via the commonly used DVB-S2 standards and reproduces programmes in top HD quality all across Europe.

As an alternative, we also offer a DVB-T2 tuner for cases in which the line-of-sight connection to the satellite is blocked or for customers who prefer to park in a shady location. In addition, the integrated CI / CI+ module slot also enables reception of TV stations (including Pay-TV) from almost all countries in Europe.


Available in five sizes:

- „Oyster® TV“ 19,5" / 50 cm

- „Oyster® TV“ 21,5" / 55 cm

- „Oyster® TV“ 24" / 61 cm

- „Oyster® TV“ 27" / 69 cm

- „Oyster® TV“ 32" / 81 cm

3 years warranty and reliable service