Make your old system future-proof!

Many years ago you had a ten Haaft system built and you are satisfied with it. Everything works and you actually see no need to change this state.
But technology has developed rapidly and we would like to show you what options there are for your satellite system to make it more user-friendly and future-proof.


The problems often show up on vacation when no technician is available far and wide. The satellite operators have installed new search frequencies and your satellite system immediately needs a software update so that it can continue to find the satellite and you can watch TV undisturbed.

Of course, we always have the latest software available for download on our website. On you will find current and useful information about your system software. In case you already have an internet connection, laptop, SD card or USB stick available at the campsite or parking space, there is nothing standing in the way of an. In the rarest of cases, however, you have such office-like equipment with you.

By upgrading your satellite system with a new control unit, you have the opportunity to benefit from the many advantages of the app to benefit from the operation, your system software updates itself by mobile phone / smartphone.

We have explained which control unit is suitable for your system from page 6 onwards.



All mobile satellite systems from ten Haaft can be operated with the associated app in a particularly user-friendly manner. All functions such as extending and retracting or stopping the antenna are available here as well as the option that countless settings can be easily adjusted with the smartphone, information can be called up or possible error messages read out.

A major advantage of the ten Haaft® app is the automatic update function of the system software. If technical changes are made on the systems, you will automatically receive a notification on your smartphone and you can upload independently the update to the control unit of the satellite system via WLAN. This ensures that you can enjoy TV viewing without interruption or disruption guaranteed even on the go.

In addition to many other menu items, two areas are particularly practical helpers: Under „Info“ you can find important data such as Read out the vehicle voltage that is applied to the Vision Control Center or the Command Unit. If this is not enough, the system does not work and the source of the error is identified at a glance. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, you will receive in Menu item „Error messages“ and you can contact the technical customer service with the read data from ten Haaft. Your competent contact person will usually find a solution quickly using the error code so that you can devote yourself to your favorite programs again without any delays. With a satellite system from ten Haaft you are always UP to date.

The premium control concept - simple and convenient operation

The premium control concept from ten Haaft offers a very special advantage. It enables you to use just a single remote control to operate the ten Haaft satellite system and the Oyster® TV device.

Many customers appreciate this option, because at the push of a button you get your favorite station, the fully automatic satellite search takes over your satellite system.

The prerequisite for this is that you convert your „old“ satellite system with a Vision Control Center or Command Unit and an Oyster® Integrate TV into the system. (All „foreign“ TVs cannot be integrated)




Here the transformation flyer to download and view.