I wish to buy an antenna for my mobile home.

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With a mobile satellite system, you can receive TV and other signal throughout Europe. Depending on the size of the antenna, regional TV and radio signals can also be received far from home throughout Europe’s favourite holiday destinations.

For shorter trips within central Europe, a compact flat-panel antenna (such as the CARO®+) is sufficient.

If you intend to travel to Spain, Italy or Norway, you will need an antenna offering a greater range such as our Cytrac® DX or Oyster® IV 65.

Keen travellers should opt for the Oyster® IV 85 or our new Oyster® V which cover almost all holiday regions between the North Cape and Morocco.

To find out which antenna size suits your needs best, see „Reception ranges“.

The “SKEW” option extends the antenna’s reception range even further. Due to the earth’s curvature, the LNB must be tilted to optimise reception in the fringe of the satellites’ footprints in southwestern and southeastern holiday regions. The Oyster® system automatically detects the direction into which the LNB must be rotated and performs the adjustment by means of an electric motor. This fully automated option is only available for our parabolic dish antennas. On our flat-panel antennas, the SKEW angle can be adjusted manually.

For further information about the SKEW angle, please read here.

The space required to fit a satellite system depends on the type of antenna and its dish or panel size. If roof space is limited, our flat-panel antennas (CARO®+ and Cytrac® DX) are the systems of choice. Thanks to their compact design, they require less space than systems using a parabolic antenna.

In some cases, height can be a problem. Often, when adding the height of the satellite system (e.g. 14 cm for the CARO®+ and Cytrac® DX ) to the overall vehicle height, you may be frustrated to find out that the vehicle no longer fits under a carport or garage with the system mounted.

In particular when travelling countries collecting road toll, such as France, only a few centimetres can cause a significant cost increase as any vehicle exceeding a height of 3.00 metres will be classified as a heavy commercial vehicle. In this case it must be considered that any equipment on the roof, such as hatches or alcoves, are already included in the total height.

In many cases, a CARO®+ or Cytrac® DX flat-panel system will fit nonetheless, as its profile only slightly higher than a roof rail or roof hatch. Before deciding on a model, be sure to determine the height of your vehicle and the maximum permissible height of the satellite system.

Antenna heights

Flat-panel antennas Height with antenna retracted
CARO®+ ~ 14 cm
Cytrac® DX ~ 14 cm
Parabolic dish antennas
Oyster® IV 65 ~ 22 cm
Oyster® IV 85 ~ 22 cm
Oyster® V ~ 17 cm

Today, vehicle weight plays a crucial role when making a decision to buy a new mobile home. Accordingly, you should also be aware of the weight of the antenna you wish to buy.

Flat-panel antennas Antenna unit Mounting material + accessories
CARO®+ ~ 15 kg ~ 2 kg
Cytrac® DX ~ 16 kg ~ 2 kg
Parabolic dish antennas
Oyster® IV 65 ~ 11 kg ~ 3 kg
Oyster® IV 85 ~ 12 kg ~ 3 kg
Oyster® V ~ 11 kg ~ 3 kg

Before you decide for any type of antenna, you should first look into your vehicle’s interior. Decide on the number of TV sets you wish to operate at the same time. In general, LNBs are available as single, twin and quadro variants.

  • With a single LNB, you can only use one TV at a time.
  • With a twin LNB, you can use up to two TV sets at the same time.
  • A quadro LNB allows you to use up to four TV sets at the same time.

Our CARO®+ system is fitted with a single LNB.

Our Cytrac® DX system can be fitted with a single LNB and a twin LNB.

Our parabolic dish antennas can be fitted with a single, twin or quadro LNB.

The equipment variant best suited to your needs also depends on the equipment already in use.

Vision (= complete satellite system without receiver)
The Vision variant is geared toward customers already owning a receiver or TV set with integrated receiver. This variant includes a satellite antenna with connected control panel.

HDTV (= complete satellite system including “Europe” receiver)
The HDTV variant is intended for customers demanding an integrated HD controller receiver to combine simple operation with ultimate features for the reception of all free-to-air HD channels. In addition to 5000 presets for radio and TV channels, the receiver comes with HDMI, USB, RCA and headphone ports. This satellite system can be controlled via the receiver.

Premium (= complete satellite system including “Oyster® TV” set)
The premium variant for customers demanding a fully equipped and integrated system. This premium system allows you to easily control all devices via a single remote control.

Besondere Leistungsmerkmale:

  • Our “Oyster® TV” sets are available in the following sizes:
    • 19“ (47cm)
    • 21,5“ (55cm)
    • 24“ (61cm)
    • 32“ (81cm).
  • Universal installation thanks to VESA standard mount
    • TV sets of size 19”, 21.5” and 24” = 100 x 100 mm
    • TV sets of size 32” = 200 x 300 mm
  • High-end device with ultra-flat design
  • LED TV: fascinating image quality in HD
  • Connection of external devices via USB 2.0 and HDMI ports
  • System-dedicated remote control: only one remote control for the satellite system and the “Oyster® TV”
  • EPG: Electronic Programme Guide and timer programming
  • CI / CI+ module slot
  • On/Off mains switch

For further details about our TV sets, please refer to the following “Link”.