My mobile home is already fitted with an antenna.

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This may have several reasons. The most frequent one is the so-called “transponder change”.

To find a satellite, our antennas scan for a specific frequency. At the factory, the antenna is set to scan for four frequencies per satellite. The antenna scans the individual frequencies in chronological order. If the satellite operator changes the first frequency stored in the antenna, the antenna can no longer find this satellite under this frequency. After approx. 15 minutes, it will automatically scan for the second frequency. If this was changed as well, the antenna will switch to the third frequency after another 15 minutes, until all four frequencies have been scanned.

If all four frequencies are outdated, the antenna will need to be updated. In section "Updates" you can do the update for the corresponding variant and model yourself.

Please contact a dealer near you or the technical service of ten Haaft if you have any questions.

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Whether an LNB can be converted depends primarily on the type of antenna:

Our CARO®+ system is fitted with a single LNB and cannot be retrofitted any further.

Our Cytrac® DX system can be converted from a single to a twin system.

Our parabolic antennas can be converted from a single-LNB system to a twin- or quadro-LNB system.

We recommend having your antenna checked by your dealer before our three-year warranty expires.

We also recommend you to regularly update your system to ensure that it functions flawlessly during your vacation. The following “link” provides the latest updates and a detailed description.

If you experience any severe technical problems, you will find further information that you may find helpful “here“.

All satellites broadcasting channels of interest to Central European viewers are aimed at Central Europe. In locations outside this area, the antenna has a "sideways view" on the satellite. This effect is known as the "SKEW angle" or "polarisation angle" and occurs particularly in southern regions such as Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, and to an extreme extent on the Canary Islands. If you have specified your Oyster® system (both IV and V) with the SKEW option, then this adjustment is performed automatically. Such automatic adjustment is not possible with our flat-panel antennas.

However, Oyster® systems without SKEW option and flat-panel antennas still allow for a manual adjustment of the SKEW settings, resulting in improved TV signal reception in European fringe areas. This requires loosening the LNB or antenna bolts and turning the LNB or complete flat-panel antenna by a specific angle.

Cytrac® DX CARO®+ Oyster® / Oyster® V
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For further information about the SKEW angle, please read here.