Antenna operation via APP
Nowadays it is hard to imagine a world without mobile phones and apps. With the ten Haaft® app we offer a very simple and user friendly operation of our satellite systems. The ten Haaft® app offers all functions such as raising, retracting and stopping the antenna and can be seen in principle as an additional „control panel“. In addition, countless settings can be made, information can be retrieved and possible error messages can be displayed.

A major advantage of the ten Haaft® app is the automatic update function of the system software. In case of a change in the technical characteristics of the satellite signals, a software update may be necessary to ensure continued undisturbed television enjoyment. No matter where you are in Europe, you can receive the newly programmed up-date online via your smartphone and can easily upload it to the control unit of the satellite antenna via Wi-Fi connection.

You will always be kept up to date online if there are any changes. As with any other app, automatic information is provided when a new update is available.


The ten Haaft® app is available for downloading on mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) in the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store free of charge. The app uses a Wi-Fi connection to the FeatureBox. There is a label showing the individual, non-changeable access data on the FeatureBox, another on the back of the instruction manual and a spare third one in the installation kit.

Once the app is downloaded and installed, the first time it is opened it will check whether there has ever been a connection to a ten Haaft® feature box and, if not, the QR scanner opens automatically. On Android, the FeatureBox's Wi-Fi will automatically connect to the app. For Apple, the FeatureBox's Wi-Fi must be selected specifically via the device's settings. When the app connects to the Wi-Fi, information appears in the app.

NEW: With the later iOS versions, the connection can also be easily set up via the camera function of the iPhone. Just hold the camera on the QR code and done!

Operation / operating menu
The APP offers all functions such as raising, retracting and stopping the antenna and can be seen in principle as an additional "control panel".

Many other settings can be accessed such as satellite selection, information can be displayed and potential error messages can be viewed.

In addition to the language settings, the display colour for the control panel (Vision models) can also be set. The classic blue mirror lighting of the Oyster® V dish can also be controlled in this menu.

One of the many menu items is the „Info“ field and the „Error Messages“ field. In the „Info“ field, important technical information can be read out, such as the vehicle voltage, which is attached to the FeatureBox or Command Unit. If this is not sufficient, the system cannot function. A possible source of error can be easily excluded via this menu item.

In the menu item „Error messages“ possible error messages can be saved and read. This allows you to present them to ten Haaft technical support resulting in a swift solution of the problem.

In the case of so-called TWIN systems, 2 television sets are usually operated independently, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. However, the control of the SAT system via the remote control can only be done by one "Oyster® TV" (Premium models), usually this is the TV in the living room.

With the app, the antenna can also be operated when the "Oyster® TV" is switched off. That means that the system can be retracted or raised or the receiving satellite can be changed.

Future Proof
The antenna operation via app not only offers an enormous comfort for the operator, it is also a very useful instrument for the inspection and maintenance of the antenna, which has become indispensable with the increasingly complex technology in the motorhome and caravan sector nowadays.

How do I deal with the APP?
Of course, a detailed user manual is included in each system. Ten Haaft, however, has a You Tube Channel on its website which shows these important functions in simple images.