CARO®+: Just switch it on and watch TV: at the touch of a button!


The compact design of this satellite system enables a minimal flat build height of an unrivalled 14 cm. A hail-proof cover and robust materials provide maximum protection for the hi-tech internal components. An additional hail-proof cover is unnecessary.

Compared to conventional parabolic antennas, the 54 x 54 cm flat antenna is much less vulnerable to strong winds which, like our CARO®+ system, makes it an attractive option for owners of van conversions and caravans.

The CARO®+ remains the ideal alternative for those withlimited roof space.

Ingenious and practical details characterize the self-aligning flat-panel antenna with the presumably lowest profile worldwide:
• Support arm for additional reinforcement against stronger winds
• Automatic latching of pivot shaft in rest position
• Robust external unit made of die-cast aluminum only rotates in open position, providing a 
small operating radius on the vehicle roof
• Hail-resistant surface of the antenna panel renders a protection cap obsolete

The innovative technology of the elegant and durable CARO®+ satellite system is the result of more than 25 years of experience in the development and production of fully automatic satellite systems.


CARO Vision

3 years warranty and reliable service

Made in germany