Flat antenna
The innovative antenna technology that facilitates the enormous reception range forms the heart of the Cytrac® DX system. It comprises 1016 interlinked single antennas arranged in a honeycomb pattern. This results in a reception range that is several hundred kilometers larger than that of an equally-sized flat-dish antenna.

The system is mechanically reinforced to resist even strong gusts of wind. Its surfaces are made of highly weather-resistant PC-ASA plastic to shed off hail without taking any damage. A hail cover is therefore obsolete.

Cytrac halbtransparent

„Oyster® TV“

The perfect integration of satellite antenna and TV set

We have committed ourselves to supply products that not only fulfil the demands of discriminating customers in terms of quality, but also when it comes to easy and hassle-free operation.

At the touch of a button, the satellite antenna unfolds automatically, searches the satellite required and, within a few seconds, supplies the channel you have selected on your TV display in optimal HD quality.

In addition, the integrated CI / CI+ module slot also enables reception of TV stations (including Pay-TV) from almost all countries in Europe.

The LED panel displays show crystal-clear images with radiant colours. Via the available USB ports it is also possible to record programmes onto an external storage device and – of course – play them back. This is facilitated by the on-screen electronic programme guide (EPG).

And you can listen to your favourite radio station in optimal sound quality even when travelling abroad.

Available in four sizes:

- „Oyster® TV“ 19“ / 47 cm GB_Data-Sheet_Oyster-TV-19

- „Oyster® TV“ 21.5“ / 55 cm GB_Data-Sheet_Oyster-TV-21-5

- „Oyster® TV“ 24“ / 61 cm GB_Data-Sheet_Oyster-TV-24

- „Oyster® TV“ 32“ / 81 cm GB_Data-Sheet_Oyster-TV-32

Control unit

Dimensions (W x H x D): 15.1 x 4.6 x 11.5 cm
The control unit houses all control electronics of the satellite system and is usually concealed in a cupboard.

Control unit

Connecting cable kit (5m)

The cable kit connects the satellite antenna to the control unit. It includes power cords for activating the system and a double-shielded satellite-capable HF cable. The cable kit can vary, depending on the model.

Connecting cable kit

Mounting plate 36 x 36 cm

All ten Haaft antennas are installed on anodized aluminum mounting plates. As these mounting plates are bonded to the roof using a special adhesive, additional bolt holes in the outer vehicle skin are not necessary. There are four studs on the mounting plate to which the system is fastened with four cap nuts. This makes it easy to remove the system from the roof for potential repair work – or when every inch in your garage or carport counts.

Mounting plate

Operating- and mounting instructions

Of course we deliver our products always with the appropriate manual.Thus you can read all settings and operations in detail.

The mounting instructions contains detailed information about the installation of the satellite antenna.

3 years warranty and reliable service

Made in germany

Technical changes reserved