Oyster® TV – The new TV systems


Oyster® TV: watching TV in optimal HD quality

Brilliant  images,  an  elegant  styling,  easy  use  –  fitted  with  state-of-the-art technology, these TV sets meet the discerning quality demand of ten Haaft in any respect while offering our customers optimal ease of operation.

The ultra-slim Full-HD screens are compact and feature a stylish look while  providing  an  extremely  crisp,  clear  picture  and  vibrant,  bright  colours. Thanks to the high contrast ratio, image quality is perfect even when ambient light is bright.

The  Oyster®  TV  sets  feature  a  VESA  standard  mount  for  trouble-free  installation  in  any  specialist  workshop.  An  integrated  CI/CI+  module  slot allows you to receive TV stations from almost any European country (charges may apply).

The televisions are developed for the mobile sector and suitable for operation with 12 volts, 24 volts or 220 volts. A special power supply protects against voltage fluctuations that occur when starting the RVs or low batteries. The boards are not only glued, but screwed securely, as the devices are specially designed for use on the go.

TV sets and satellite antenna – perfectly integrated

Now  you  can  operate  the  Oyster®  TV  set  and  the  satellite  antenna  using  the  same  new  system-dedicated  remote  control.  At  the  touch  of  a  button,  the  antenna  unfolds  automatically,  searches  the  satel-lite required and, within a few seconds, shows the channel you have selected on your screen in top HD quality. The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) is another convenience feature. With the Oyster® TV sys-tem, you can also listen to your favourite radio station from home in optimal quality.

Whether travelling in camper van or trailer or an RV – the Oyster® TV systems lets you enjoy watching TV in ultimate comfort!


Available in the following five sizes:

- Oyster® TV 19,5" / 50 cm

- Oyster® TV 21,5" / 55 cm

- Oyster® TV 24" / 61 cm

- Oyster® TV 27" / 69 cm

- Oyster® TV 32" / 81 cm

Base not included in delivery.


Special features

  • High-end device with an ultra-flat design
  • DVB-S2 tuner
  • DVB-T2 tuner HD / H.265
  • LED TV: fascinating image quality in HD
  • Connection of external devices via USB 2.0 and HDMI ports
  • Universal installation thanks to VESA standard mount
  • System-dedicated remote control: only one remote control for the satellite systems
    (Oyster® V Premium, Oyster® Premium, Cytrac® DX Premium) and the Oyster® TV
  • EPG electronic program guide
  • ON-SCREEN battery meter for the onboard voltage
  • CI / CI + module slot
  • On/Off mains switch


3 years warranty and reliable service