A giant leap forward!

ten Haaft has re-invented the Oyster® V. The Oyster® V features several ground-breaking innovations. We are taking mobile antenna technology to a new dimension. Tune in!
When folded down, the antenna has an extremely low profile of approx. 17cm (also applies to TWIN and SKEW variants)! These com-pact dimensions are owed to ingenious engineering: A curved feed arm allows the system to retract into a space-saving position.

Don't search. Find!

The Oyster® V knows exactly where the satellites are positioned – at any time. Tedious full-range scans are no longer necessary. The system swiftly aims itself to the satellite. This technological edge is the result of three interacting components: GPS, 3D compass and inclination sensor. The GPS unit identifies the position, the 3D compass identifies the direction which your vehicle (and the antenna, accordingly) is oriented to, and the inclination sensor exactly determines the vehicle's inclination, causing the antenna to make an adjustment. Especially the effect of the vehicle inclination is often underestimated. Even a few degrees may already affect reception significantly. Much more than the vehicle's difference in elevation between a valley and a mountain top.

GPS, 3D compass and inclination sensor

Oyster® TV with system remote control

The perfect integration of satellite antenna and TV set

We have committed ourselves to supply products that not only fulfil the demands of discriminating customers in terms of quality, but also when it comes to easy and hassle-free operation.

At  the  touch  of  a  button...

Now  you  can  operate  the  Oyster®  TV  set  and  the  satellite  antenna  using  the  same  new  system-dedicated  remote  control.  At  the  touch  of  a  button,  the  antenna  unfolds  automatically,  searches  the  satellite required and, within a few seconds, shows the channel you have selected on your screen in top HD quality.

Available in five dimensions:

- Oyster® TV 19,5" / 50 cm
- Oyster® TV 21,5" / 55 cm
- Oyster® TV 24" / 61 cm
- Oyster® TV 27" / 69 cm
- Oyster® TV 32" / 81 cm

Base not included in delivery.



Oyster® Smart TV with system remote control

Oyster® Smart TV: watch TV, surf and stream all in one.

Whether surfing or streaming - the new Oyster® Smart TVs have the all-round package on board: built-in WLAN, streaming Services, entertainment apps & Co. No matter in which various camper channels on You-Tube you browse or if you need information about the local weather, the preinstalled Oyster® Smart TV apps make it possible! But also the large media libraries of the public broadcasters, which are available, enable you to stream comfortably on the go.

At  the  touch  of  a  button...
...the  antenna  unfolds  automatically,  searches  the  satellite required and, within a few seconds, shows the channel you have selected on your screen in top HD quality.

Available in the following five sizes:

- Oyster® TV 19,5“ / 50 cm
- Oyster® TV 21,5“ / 55 cm
- Oyster® TV 24“ / 61 cm
- Oyster® TV 27“ / 69 cm
- Oyster® TV 39“ / 98 cm

Base not included in delivery.

App control included!

The antennas can now also be operated conveniently from your smartphone or tablet with the ten Haaft® app, which makes it easy to install updates and ensure your system is always running the latest software!

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Solid as a rock!

The Oyster® V 's external unit weighs only about 11 kg. Despite the weight reduction, it is even more solid than its predecessors. Because stability makes the difference. Not only in terms of the proverbial "longevity of the Oyster® V“, but especially when it comes to flawless operation. Manufacturers trying to cut corners run the risk of producing an instable antenna system that is susceptible to wind. Image interferences are then inevitable. The stability of the Oyster® V is the result of cleverly applied engineering skills and state-of-the-art, high-quality materials like the ones used in motor sports. The single-piece dish arm is made of ultra-light-weight magnesium. And yet, it is extremely rugged and torsionally rigid. The feed arm is made from glass-fibre-reinforced plastic, with carefully calculated internal webs providing ultimate torsional stiffness. In plain words: It won't flex – ever. In addition, this meticulously crafted component provides the space needed for wiring, inclination sensor, compass and GPS sensory system. If fitted with the SKEW option, then this part is also integrated in the feed arm for protection against the elements.

Oyster V back

No need to re-ivent the wheel

In tens of thousands of Oyster® systems, the rotary head technology has proven its value. We have refined it for the Oyster® V, but the principle remains unchanged: Only the head rotates while the rest of the antenna body remains fixed. This means: Less weight to move, resulting in reduced energy consumption, less mechanical stress and a smaller space requirement. Also, the pivot point is elevated. So even when covered under a layer of snow, the Oyster® V can move freely.

innovative rotary head technology

Oyster® = quality

The combination of simple and solid technology with the latest electronics makes the difference. ten Haaft products contain no consumer-grade components susceptible to failure. We rely on tried-and-tested heavy-duty material. The high standards of the automotive industry are our benchmark. For resistance against vibration, mechanical shock and extreme temperatures, they prescribe extremely strict requirements. We exceed these regularly.
This is why you can take our 3-year manufacturer's warranty for granted.

Oyster = quality

3 years warranty and reliable service

Made in germany