SKEW: Automatic range extension

The SKEW unit comprises a tiny electric motor that automatically adjusts the LNB angle, thereby significantly increasing your Oyster® V's reception range. This option is recommended for all those who frequently travel through south-western and south-eastern Europe. You'll surely appreciate it. While other RV users need to climb on the roof,
the SKEW unit takes care of this job automatically. Snuggly integrated into the feed arm, it is safe from elements and damage.

Oyster V - LNB


(Available for Oyster® Vision, Oyster® HDTV and Oyster® Premium / not for Oyster® Internet)
This option provides 2 connections for the convenient operation of a second receiver, e.g. in the sleeper compartment. The TWIN-LNB allows two different programmes to be viewed using the Oyster® and a second receiver (second receiver not included in standard TWIN-LNB option).


(Available for Oyster® Vision,Oyster® HDTV and Oyster® Premium / not for Oyster® Internet)
The combination of TWIN LNB and Auto-SKEW offers maximum convenience and combines the full advantages of both systems