FeatureBox (Production year from ~ 2017) / CommandUnit (Production year from ~ 2019) / Vision Control Center (Production year from ~ 2021)

Please read the respective software description carefully before performing software updates. The system will usually not function with the wrong software. Please contact ten Haaft if you have any questions: +49 (0) 7231 58 588 0

Further information on the topic of "updates" can also be found at "FAQ" -> "My antenna moves, but does not find a signal".

Software update via USB stick

The FeatureBox / Command Unit as well as all other electronic components of the system can be updated via USB stick. To do so, make sure that the system is switched off and then plug the USB stick containing a specific container file (UF file) into the USB port and switch the system back on:

Download (Version: 3322634 -- Published: 2022-04-26)

The update procedure is described in detail in the following:

Download of the update description of the FeatureBox
Download of the update description of the CommandUnit
Download of the update description for Vision Control Center

Alternatively, the FeatureBox / CommandUnit software can also be updated directly via your smartphone using the ten Haaft APP.