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Oyster® Access

Like all ten Haaft products, the new Internet system Oyster® Access has been developed with the actual needs of campers in mind.

The benefit such a system offers is that all devices inside the vehicle can make use of a joint Internet connection. This is made possible by providing a private dual band WLAN and a wired LAN in the vehicle.

The advantages at a glance

  • LTE / WLAN full-size antenna with diversity reception and MIMO capability and with separate roof feed-through for the antenna cables
  • 2x LTE all-band antenna with diversity technology
  • 4x WLAN antenna for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz MIMO
  • 4x high quality antenna cables in protective tube, both sides detachable, 2 metres
  • 3x WLAN modules integrated
  • One-time and easy setup of the „mobile home network“
  • Supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band, both for internal and external WLAN connections
  • for all LTE and 5G bands from 698 MHz to 3800 MHz
  • Easily accessible Gigabit LAN connection on the front of the control unit
  • Simple assembly and space-saving design
  • Weatherproof
  • Convenient operation via multilingual web interface with adaptive design
  • 3 year guarantee

SIM card note:
A SIM card, which is not included in the scope of delivery, is required for LTE operation. The connection costs that arise here and internet parameters (download / upload, int. Roaming) depend on the respective network operator and have to be checked by the customer himself.


| In perfect harmony

Comfortable on the go in the “mobile home network”

Mobile internet just like at home – even while driving

Based on the success of the well-proven Oyster® Connect, ten Haaft now introduces an additional antenna system: Oyster® Access.

The unique and highly efficient concept of three separate WLAN modules and one LTE module has been adopted from the Oyster® Connect. This continues to ensure the best possible wireless connectivity, both inside and outside the vehicle!

The mobile hotspot ensures a stable signal – even while driving.

You can relax in the motorhome, camper or caravan surfing – and use all the advantages of a „mobile home network“.

Once set up, all your devices connect to the Oyster® Access Wi-Fi automatically as soon as they are within range – just like at home! This works just as well when you are free-standing (or driving) via the LTE connection as it does when the Oyster® Access is connected to the local WLAN of a campsite or pitch.

The tried and tested has been retained and yet everything is new

With the new Oyster® Access, the system consists of a control unit (router) installed in the vehicle and an external aerial installed on the vehicle roof.

With the Oyster® Access, the connection between the control unit and the external aerial is made in the traditional way using four high-quality coaxial aerial cables.

Unlike the Oyster® Connect however, the entire electronic system is condensed into a joint compact housing in the vehicle cabin. This has also made it possible to accommodate the SIM card readers in a conveniently accessible space at the front face of the Oyster® Access and Oyster® EasyNet device.
A new, active thermal management system ensures undisturbed operation, even in particularly warm environments.

Ideally equipped for wireless connections

The LTE function is based on an ALL-band antenna in diversity technology.
It supports all LTE bands / providers and offers maximum transmit and receive performance without aligning the antenna.

Two dual-band antennas for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands ensure stable data throughput with MIMO technology in the WLAN range. MIMO is based on the ability to use intelligent data processing to send and receive a data stream over several antennas (Multiple Input Multiple Output).

Oyster® Access Control Unit (Router)

The second component of the Oyster® Access system, the indoor unit, is located in the vehicle interior and serves as a WLAN access point like your router at home. In the indoor unit there is a full, private access point with integrated 2.4 and 5 GHz WLAN antennas installed (2×2 MIMO technology). Both bands are operating in parallel – you can connect several mobile devices at the same time, on different bands, with the highest possible data transfer.

With the indoor unit, the desired end devices, such as smartphones, tablet, laptop or smart TV only have to be connected once. It also contains a LAN connection and therefore can also establish a private wired LAN network.


  • Router with 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz dual band WLAN for the private network
  • LAN connection for the private network
  • 2.4 / 5 GHz WLAN module to connect with an external WLAN via external antenna
  • LTE module for use in the EMEA Area ( Region B ) and beyond
  • Two SIM card readers for convenient use of different providers without having to change cards
  • Dynamic temperature control

Simple installation

The Oyster® Access antenna has an aerodynamic design: With a height of just 13 centimetres and a diameter of around 30.5 centimetres, it fits on any leisure vehicle and is impressively lightweight at 1.7 kilograms.

In terms of installation, the ten Haaft engineers have remained true to their tried and tested system: A mounting plate is glued to the roof and the antenna housing is mounted on it with four screws.

SIM card / Multi SIM card

The usage of a Data Sharing SIM card, which can be inserted into the card reader during installation, is advantageous meaning one mobile phone contract can be used for both smartphone and Oyster EasyNet (up to 4 SIM cards on the same contract). In 2017, roaming charges were abolished in Europe, so there are generally no additional charges for using mobile phones in other European countries. UK providers have said that they will continue this after Brexit, but this cannot be guaranteed.


The system can be configured in a user-friendly way via the password-protected web interface http://oyster.internet. You simply use the Internet browser of any device, regardless of whether it is a laptop, smartphone, tablet or perhaps even the in-built browser of your Smart TV. With all Android and Apple operating systems, a website can also be easily bookmarked on the device’s home screen like an app. The completely new website design adapts dynamically to the screen format of the end device and therefore works equally well on all device types.

The Oyster® Access web interface can be switched to either German, English or French and provides easy-to-understand information about the current operating status or necessary entries by the user at all times.

Technical Data

  • ILTE / WLAN Full-size antenna with diversity reception and MIMO capability
  • IDual band: 2x2 MIMO WLAN antennas for 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • I4 x WLAN-antennas for 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • Ifor all LTE and 5G bands from 698 MHz to 3800 MHz
  • IWeatherproof
  • IMax. permissible vehicle speed ~ 180 km/h
  • IDimensions: Outdoor Unit ø 30,5 cm x 13,0 cm
  • IDimensions indoor unit (W x H x D): Indoor Unit ~17,5 cm x 4 cm x 9,3 cm
  • IWeight outdoor unit incl. accessories ~ 1,7 kg
  • IWeight indoor unit ~ 0,45 kg
  • IWeight accessories ~ 0,5 kg
  • ISupply voltage (on-board voltage): 12 V / 24 V
  • ITypical power consumption 4 - 5 W

Scope of supply

  • IControl Unit Oyster® Access (Router)
  • IOutdoor antenna (with 2 m connection cable set incl. roof bushing)
  • IPower connection cable
  • IManual
  • ILAN Cabel

Connections control unit (router)

  • I4 x colour-coded SMA socket for connecting the antenna cable of the external antenna
  • IUSB interface for service purposes and software updates
  • IRJ - 45 Gigabit LAN socket
  • IPower connection Hollow plug 2.1 mm for supplied connection cable with cigarette lighter plug
  • I3-pin power connection for optional connection cable (article number 3.450.1020) with control function

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