If you wish to stay up-to-date with all the news from home, watch your favorite TV series or cheer for your soccer club when traveling, you can do so with the same comfort you enjoy at home. With a ten Haaft satellite or internet system, you can listen to your usual radio stations, watch your favorite programs and even surf the internet while on tour.
The Oyster® satellite systems have various individual advantages. Thus, our antennas meet every requirement and desire.

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Oyster® V


Oyster® 70

Cytrac® DX


Oyster® Flat- and Parabol satellite Systems

Our fully automatic satellite systems are reliable, durable and easy to use. Multiple options tailored to your needs make mobile reception even more convenient.

Designed for outdoor use, our systems are UV-resistant and withstand the elements thanks to high-quality materials, tried-and-tested components and built-in ruggedness. No matter in it is the Oyster® V, the Oyster®, the Cytrac® DX or the CARO®+

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Advantages of an Oyster Satellite System

Easy and comfortable to use

Fully automatic

Reliable and durable

3-year warranty

| easy to use from anywhere


All ten Haaft mobile satellite systems can be easily controlled via the dedicated app. This app gives you access to all functions, allowing you to retract or unfold the antenna, or adjust the numerous settings, call up information or read out error codes using your smartphone.

The ten Haaft® app has a significant benefit: it facilitates automatic updates of the system software. If any technical changes are made to the systems, you will be notified automatically on your smartphone that an update is ready for you to install in the control unit of your satellite system via WLAN. So, you can enjoy fault-free and uninterrupted TV entertainment while en route.

In addition to many further menu options, two areas are particularly helpful: Option “Info” allows you to read out important data such as the onboard voltage supplying the FeatureBox or Command Unit. If the voltage is too low, the system will not work, and the root cause is easily identified.
If this option does not provide any information relating to the cause of the fault, check option “Error messages” for further information. You can forward the data readout to the technical service department of ten Haaft for assistance. By means of the error codes, your competent contact partners will usually find a solution quickly so you can continue watching your favourite shows without delay.

A satellite system from ten Haaft keeps you up to date at all times!

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