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The use of mobile phones and apps has become indispensable these days. This technology has also long since found its way into the caravan industry. With the ten Haaft® app, the southern German manufacturer of mobile satellite systems also offers extremely simple and user-friendly operation of its satellite systems. This app gives you access to all functions, allowing you to retract or unfold the antenna, or adjust the numerous settings, call up information or read out error codes using your smartphone. The ten Haaft ® app has a significant benefit: it facilitates automatic updates of the system software. If any technical changes are made to the systems, you will be notified automatically on your smartphone that an update is ready for you to install in the control unit of your satellite system via WLAN. So, you can enjoy fault-free and uninterrupted TV entertainment while en route. You will always be kept up to date online, if there are any changes. As with any other APP, you will be informed automatically when a new update is available.


The tenHaaft® app for mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or iTunes Store free of charge. The app uses a WiFi connection to the FeatureBox. The unchangeable system-specific access data are specified on a sticker provided in three copies. One of these is attached to the FeatureBox at the factory, one sticker is attached to the operating manual, and the third one is included in the bag with mounting material and can be used at the owner’s discretion. After the app has been downloaded and installed, it will be opened the first time. It then checks whether a connection to a ten Haaft® FeatureBox already exists, and since this is not the case here, the QR scanner opens automatically. For Android, the FeatureBox will automatically connect to the app via WiFi. For Apple, the WiFi connection of the FeatureBox must be selected in the device settings. The app indicates its connection to the WiFi system. With the newer iOS versions, the connection can also be easily set up using the camera function of the iPhone. Just hold the camera on the QR code and you’re done!


All mobile satellite systems from ten Haaft can be operated with the associated app in a particularly user-friendly manner. All functions such as extending and retracting or stopping the antenna are available here as well as the option that countless settings can be easily adjusted with the smartphone, information can be called up or possible error messages read out.


The “General settings” menu includes among other things the settings for the language, the display of the control panel. Also the the brightness of the LED on the feed arm of the Oyster V can also be controlled here.


In addition to many further menu options, two areas are particularly helpful: Option “Info” allows you to read out important data such as the onboard voltage supplying the FeatureBox or Command Unit. If the voltage is too low, the system will not work, and the root cause is easily identified. If this option does not provide any information relating to the cause of the fault, check option “Error messages” for further information. You can forward the data readout to the technical service department of ten Haaft for assistance. By means of the error codes, your competent contact partners will usually find a solution quickly so you can continue watching your favourite shows without delay. Option “Signal information” shows all reception data of the currently used search transponder.


With so-called TWIN systems, 2 televisions are usually operated, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. However, the SAT system can only be controlled via the system remote control from one “Oyster® TV”, which is usually the television in the living room. With the app, the antenna can also be operated when the first television is switched off. This means that the system can be retracted or extended or the receiving satellite can be changed.


The antenna operation via app not only offers enormous convenience for the operator, it is also an extremely useful tool for servicing and maintaining the antenna, which is also indispensable with the increasingly complex technology in the mobile home and caravan sector.

How to deal with the APP?

Of course, a detailed operating manual is included with every system. However, ten Haaft has a You Tube channel on its website that shows these important functions in simple images.

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