Oyster® 70

Chic in design – modern in anthracite – functional with APP control – these are the features of the anniversary antenna from ten Haaft.

The advantages at a glance

  • Single-cable wiring
  • App control
  • Automatic updates via app
  • Automatic aiming and satellite search
  • High-quality rugged materials
  • Solid, safe and weather-resistant design
  • Rotary-head technology
  • LEM technology: The antenna system searches along the elevation angle last set (reducing search time)
  • Automatic satellite switchover when changing programmes
  • Antenna retracts automatically when engine is started (terminal 15 must be connected)
  • 3-year warranty and reliable customer service


Oyster® 70 – „Our anniversary antenna“

Chic in design – modern in anthracite – functional with APP control – these are the features of the anniversary antenna from ten Haaft.
As always, convincing with unique features, proven quality and first-class service!

Thanks to its size, the Oyster® 70 has enough reception capacity even in adverse weather conditions. After all, the dish size determines how many programmes you can receive and at what quality. The antenna dish of each Oyster® 70 system is manufactured with zero tolerances and ultimate dimensional accuracy, ensuring optimal signal reception across its entire surface.

Being only 17,5 cm high, the Oyster® 70 is extremely compact: Thanks to the curved shape of the feed arm, the antenna body needs very little space when in its rest position. The same low height is also retained by Oyster® 70 systems fitted with the TWIN LNB option.


TWIN LNB for more customised use: The satellite system is available with a TWIN-LNB as an option. This LNB provides two satellite connections, feeding a separate programme to a second receiver or a second TV set with integrated receiver.

Technical Data

  • IDish diameter / Dimension ~ Ø 70 cm
  • IHeight ~ 17,5 cm
  • IWeight of external Unit ~ 11,7 kg
  • IWeight of Mountains material and accessories ~ 3 kg
  • IAutomatic satellite aiming
  • IMax. permissible vehicle speed 150 km/h
  • IConnected voltage (on-board voltage) - (Volt) 10,5 V - 32 V
  • IMax. current draw during satellite search 7 A
  • ICurrent draw (reception mode) - depends on TV set used
  • ICurrent draw at standby on 12-V on-board system in standard/power-saving mode – 30 mA / 10 mA (WLAN enabled/WLAN disabled)
  • IType Approval E1 10R - 068566

Scope of supply

  • IExternal unit
  • IControl box
  • IConnection cable (5m)
  • IMountains plante
  • IMounting and instruction manual

| Easy to use from anywhere


All ten Haaft mobile satellite systems can be easily controlled via the dedicated app. This app gives you access to all functions, allowing you to retract or unfold the antenna, or adjust the numerous settings, call up information or read out error codes using your smartphone.

The ten Haaft® app has a significant benefit: it facilitates automatic updates of the system software. If any technical changes are made to the systems, you will be notified automatically on your smartphone that an update is ready for you to install in the control unit of your satellite system via WLAN. So, you can enjoy fault-free and uninterrupted TV entertainment while en route.

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