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If you wish to stay up-to-date with all the news from home, watch your favorite TV series or cheer for your soccer club when traveling, you can do so with the same comfort you enjoy at home. With a ten Haaft satellite or internet system, you can listen to your usual radio stations, watch your favorite programes and even surf the internet while on tour.
Our fully automatic satellite systems are reliable, durable and easy to use. Multiple options tailored to your needs make mobile reception even more convenient.

Designed for outdoor use, our systems are UV-resistant and withstand the elements thanks to high-quality materials, tried-and-tested components and built-in ruggedness. No matter in it is the Oyster® V, the Oyster®, the Cytrac® DX or the CARO®+

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Oyster® – our all-time classic!

With the development of the first Oyster® in 1992 – still a popular mainstay of the ten Haaft product range – we laid the cornerstone for our advancement into the premier league of manufacturers. Significant innovations include the so-called rotary-head technology of theOyster®, where the antenna body remains stationary while the LNB rotates instead, or the flat-panel antennas CARO®+ and Cytrac® DX, believed to be the antennas with the lowest profile ever with patented technology. These engineering solutions ensure reliable TV reception and impressive ranges – even in remote areas such as North Africa or the Middle East.
We also blazed a trail in terms of mobile internet use: with the Oyster® Connect system, you can set up your personal “mobile home network” anywhere in Europe to stay connected to the world.*
This system is amended by the WLAN-compatible Oyster® Smart TV series for the full integration of classic TV functions and your personal computer into one single unit. Thanks to this highly refined technology, you can now access the internet from your screen at the touch of a button.
*LTE operation requires a SIM card not included in the scope of supply. Connection charges and internet parameters (download/upload, international roaming) depend on the individual internet provider and must be checked by the customer.

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About ten Haaft

Made and engineered in Germany – for over 30 years
Over the past 30 years, we have featured numerous new and further developments and have become the foremost manufacturer of premium mobile satellite technology systems.

With over 800 dealers in Germany and 16 authorized service points as well as over 40 service points in Europe, ten Haaft offers its customers an extensive service network that is constantly being developed.
All ten Haaft products are type-tested accessories for motor vehicles approved by the Federal Office for Motor Traffic.

Oyster® – that is quality Made in Germany – 39 awards to date prove this.

| 30 year of experience

| More Than 800 dealers in Europe

|10.000 qm Area of expertise

| 39-awards


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