| Oyster® Connect

Software Update Oyster Connect® 2.0.7

Those who have already installed a 1.7.xx version on their device will now notice a feature introduced with 1.7.12 for the first time:

This goes on 10 minutes after the device is started and thus indicates the presence of new software.

To start the update you can either press the “Start Update” button on the website – or as a NEW function you can also hold the “i” button until the update process is started.
This takes about 10 seconds and can be recognized by the typical interval-like illumination of all LEDs.

The update process itself takes about 5 minutes and requires no further intervention.

So if you notice an ominous yellow LED on your IndoorUnit of the Oyster Connect, then simply press the “i” button for 10 – 15 seconds. Then you get an update and the LED is off again for the time being.