Software updates Oyster® Connect

Oyster® Connect Software update after initial startup

The development of the Oyster® Connect software is constantly ongoing. Although ten Haaft provided your newly purchased Oyster® Connect with the software that was most recent on the date of production, it is advisable to check immediately after the initial start-up whether an even more up-to-date software is available in the meantime.

If an update is available, please install it as described below. Subsequently, perform after the initial operation a reset to the factory settings, only this one time.

This also updates the user files, which are intentionally not touched during a normal update. This ensure smooth functioning, since all software components are then up to date on the same level.

This reset may as well be performed later. However, it will reset to the factory settings all indoor WLAN passwords and other settings of the Oyster® Connect that you may have already changed.


Here are the steps for updating the software:

  • Call up the configuration web page at http://oyster.connect or
  • Select the tab „System Setup“.
  • Log in with the default user name „oyster“ and the password „connect“.
  • Press the button „Check Update“
  • The Oyster® Connect will now check whether there is a newer software on the ten Haaft Update Server.
  • If the software already installed on your system is up to date, the message „No need to update“ will appear at the top of the website. There will be no download.
  • If a more recent software is available, the Oyster® Connect immediately starts downloading the update file from the server. You don‘t have to do anything else !
  • During the automatic installation of the new software, the LEDs on the front of the Indoor Unit show a special blinking pattern. Ensure that the Indoor Unit is not disconnected from the power supply during this time!
  • Next, the Oyster® Connect will automatically perform a restart. The restart and thus also the update process is completed as soon as the yellow LED stops blinking.
    The entire process can take approx. 5-7 minutes.

Reset to factory setting:

  • Please press the ON/OFF switch to shut down the Oyster® Connect, and restart it afterwards. Wait until the yellow LED stops blinking.
  • Press and hold the „i“ button on the front of the Indoor Unit for approx. 10 seconds.
  • The Oyster® Connect will then restart again automatically.
  • All settings and passwords that you may have changed are now reset to the factory default. The SIM PIN and stored outdoor WLAN passwords are not deleted by this process.



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